A year in wildlife & nature conservation #wildlife #animals #nature

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My 2023 was busy for nature & wildlife conservation. In general I participated and volunteered for 16 projects in 10 different countries! I finally passed the threshold of 1000 subscribers on youtube and launched my patreon page. In 2024 I plan to keep on volunteering making videos and to do everything what is in my capabilities to restore, re-wild, conserve, protect, research nature & wildlife. As I don’t see that there is anything more important than our planet and ecosystem.
Huge Thanks for all the people I have met this year, during my trips. You are all heroes ! It’s always very inspirational and motivational to see the way you push forward your projects and ideas. How brave you fight for what is important for you, and how you overcome unrealistic obstacles.
And no matter what happen or what stands in a way i constantly remind myself to Be Brave enough To Act and do something.
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