TROMnews is a curator of RSS feeds.

We use over 200 feeds (websites) to pull the data from. We use news websites, Youtube channels and playlists, Sub-Reddits, and more. Many of them are tweaked to showcase the best and most important of what they have to offer. And at times we filter some based on keywords. That being said, TROMnews is not just a simple automated news aggregator, it is carefully crafted into something that makes sense and it is useful.

We’ve spent a lot of time finding the best sources out there, since 2014 when we released this website.

RSS Feeds

It may feel strange to subscribe to some RSS feeds that are in turn pulling data from other RSS feeds, like TROMnews does. But consider these feeds as curated RSS sources.

  • All: https://tromnews.com/feed
  • News: https://tromnews.com/category/news/feed
  • Videos: https://tromnews.com/category/videos/feed
  • Photos: https://tromnews.com/category/photography/feed
  • Illustrations: https://tromnews.com/category/illustrations/feed
  • FIntesting: https://tromnews.com/category/interesting-stuff/feed

Some tips:

  1. Be aware, some content can be BS (Bad Science). Although all of the content on this website is curated by us, it is impossible to keep track of it all. So be aware of that. The more scientific your brain is, the better you are at spotting the BS.
  2. The website may not be 100% trade-free. Since the content is pulled from hundreds of RSS sources, some of these sources might contain links that inject trackers into the browser, thus you have to trade your data to them. This is hard to avoid and has nothing to do with us. We are trying to minimize that impact, but we strongly recommend for anyone to install a few browser extensions that will stop the aggressive online trades, such as data and attention trading (trackers and ads). We recommend: uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.
  3. Leaving the website will not be trade-free. Unless you have the above extensions enabled, leaving the website will probably mean that you have to trade your attention and data to most of the sources (websites). So be aware of that. We highly recommend the extension LibreRedirect that will redirect known websites such as Youtube to trade-free alternatives.

TROMnews is part of our TROM main project.

To learn more about our project, visit tromsite.com.
To learn more about what trade-free means, visit trade-free.org.
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To contact us, visit tromsite.com/contact.